About Us

AssetOne, a part of CKS Global Ventures Group is focused on providing innovative and future friendly technology Platforms, Products and Consulting services to leading Enterprise Asset Management customers using IBM Maximo. We help our customers and partners through our core capabilities of deep real life functional knowledge and technical expertise built over the years.

Drone Inspections with Maximo Mobile Application

A Drone Integrated with Maximo Mobile application allows you to capture high quality video & photos of the subject area for managing inspections of assets which are difficult to reach at higher altitudes, exposed to large swings of temperatures or hazardous working conditions. Drone can help accomplish such complex tasks or evaluate accidental conditions from any mobile device.

Your Future Starts Here

Maximo Virtual Assistant

AssetOne is focusing on bringing a Voice Assistant for Maximo community using IVR and AI technology. Using voice recognition, a user can interact with Alexa to find dashboard type reports, KPI's and general questions to be answered directly from Maximo system in real time.

IoT / Machine Learning

All IoT end point units and machines speak a language that can be understood to make intelligent decisions. AssetOne's IoT solution will empower customers to adapt to proactively listening to asset conditions and alerts to take appropriate measures and precautions for planning, scheduling and plant maintenance that affects the company's asset reliability goals and sustainability efforts.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can help achieve better reliability, availability and improved performance. It is possible to predict future when a particular asset or equipment will need care or will fail based on past and present data events & its statistical data analysis. Let us show you how connected devices, machine learning and predictive analytics are making the maintenance cost effective and reducing overall risk.

Maximo Enterprise Asset Management