Maximo Data Archiving – CleanUP

Maximo Data Archiving – CleanUP

A Data Archiving Solution for IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprises are constantly monitoring their EAM systems data usage, storage and maintenance, including data security issues and how data flows from one point to another in an already complex IT architecture. But in today’s fast paced agile organizations, if archiving and data management needs are compromised then sooner or later the system performance starts to take hit and it could be a critical threat to an organization’s IT Operations as well as business units using Tier-1 systems like Maximo.

Maximo CleanUP allows you to improve the system performance by archiving the desired data sets in a separate database right within your Maximo system. It is an add-on created by AssetOne to help Maximo users retain optimal levels of data within the system and still able to access the archive data in real time.

Maximo CleanUP is the only archiving tool designed to be handled with equal ease by technical and non-technical users. It comes with comprehensive data management and software configurations features built into its core.

Symptoms alerting that Maximo Data Archiving is due:

  • Slow loading of applications & system keeps spinning
  • It takes more than usual time to add new database columns & indexes
  • If you are upgrading Maximo and it takes longer to configure database upgrade
  • It takes more time to do nightly back-ups & restore of production and test systems
  • Long running Reports, KPI’s & Start Centers
  • It takes longer to complete records. E.g. Complete a Workorder or Purchase Order
  • When lower environments are refreshed from production, they run slow since they generally don’t have production like hardware but are forced to handle large amounts of historical and transaction data

Maximo CleanUP’s features:

  • Simple select: Select desired applications you want to archive (Work Orders, Service Requests, Purchase Orders) and the date ranges based on your enterprise data retention needs and data governance plan. The tool will identify all related dependencies & transactions data to be moved to the archive database.
  • Custom data inclusion: Custom database object are also treated as out of the box data objects for data movement Access archived data in real time: Maximo CleanUP allows you to run reports from both live and archived data in real time. You can search archived data from the applications as needed.
  • Retrieve archived data back: If desired, the archived data can be retrieved back. Just select the application they desire and its date ranges.
  • Audit friendly: The tool keeps the history of all data archival of past for audit purposes
  • Database Sync: Database changes done to production (Source) database are auto synced with archive database to keep the at the same level.
  • Drop Data: You can drop data that is not needed like Old, Un-used, Redundant data can be easily dropped.
  • Schedule an archive: Users can schedule an archive at a particular time and receive status notifications
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