Maximo Training Services

Maximo Training Services

Our Maximo training courses for end users, technicians, maintenance crews, planner / schedulers include,

Maximo Work Management Track

  • Create & Assign work:
  • Record Work Types, Classifications, Asset, Locations, Work Groups,
  • Record Labor, Materials, Tools, Services, Overtime
  • Complete & Close work:
  • Record Failure Codes and Work logs
  • Create follow up, child or related work orders
  • work inspection and Close completed work

Maximo Inventory Management Track

  • Storerooms
  • Items Master
  • Inventory
  • Inventory Usage
  • Material Requests

Maximo Purchasing Management Track

  • Purchase Requests
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receiving
  • Invoice
  • Shipment Receiving

Maximo Preventative Maintenance & Planning Track

  • Planning Work / Scheduling Work
  • Create Job Plans,
  • Create PMs & Routes
  • Create labor, person, craft, crews, shifts, calendars
  • Understand Demand and Supply planning
  • Understand Forecasting

Our Maximo training courses for Developers & Administrators include
Maximo Developers Training

  • Maximo Automation Scripts
  • Maximo Workflows
  • Maximo Migration Manager
  • Maximo Java Customization
  • Maximo BIRT Reports
  • Maximo Integration Framework

Maximo System Administrator's training

  • Manage Application Servers, Clusters and Load Balancing
  • Maximo Licensing Management & Audit Preparation
  • Manage System Deployment
  • Maximo System Upgrades
  • Manage Database Management
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