Maximo Add-on Support

Maximo Add-on Support

AssetOne has successfully implemented following IBM maximo Add-ons and helped the client achieve industry-specific benefits using them along with their primary line of business
Maximo Transportation

IBM Maximo for Transportation to improve the productivity of critical transportation assets and to address stringent regulatory requirements. Maximo for Transportation incorporates features to extend asset life, optimize parts management, reduce road calls, and increase planned maintenance. It introduces consist management for railway assets. And it has advanced asset management capabilities for asset status, meter change-out and history, meter import, component and position codes, serial number changes, and warranty recovery.

IBM Maximo Anywhere

Get remote access from most mobile devices to Maximo Asset Management processes – work and asset management. Manage field technicians with a modern interface that is customizable, to support your processes, your assets and your teams.

Maximo Scheduler

Plan, schedule, dispatch and track all work while gaining efficiencies through automated task management. View all work orders and preventive maintenance schedules graphically in this end-to-end work management tool.

Maximo Spatial

View complex GIS information inside the IBM enterprise asset management solution. Improve reliability, longevity and efficiency in work execution by visualizing information through a geospatial context of work that shows assets and relevant land-based features.

Maximo Utilities

IBM Maximo for Utilities offers a complete solution for work and asset management across business units, including gas and electrical transmission, distribution, power generation, water treatment, and wastewater treatment in a single platform and database. It provides organizations with greater productivity through the use of a multi-level compatible unit library and compatible unit estimating. The product helps you manage resources with enhanced crew type and crew composition, so that you can track skills and certifications. You can also manage and assign qualifications to positions or labor resources on a crew.

Maximo Oil & Gas

IBM Maximo for Oil and Gas provides oil and gas enterprises with best practices to help improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of their critical assets. This product manages the asset lifecycle, including acquisition, work management, operations, inventory control, purchasing, and preventive maintenance. This product also addresses the Audit and survey preparation and analysis of findings that is based on results.

Maximo HSE

Integrate health, safety and environment processes with asset management and central reporting for all incidents. Manage non-conforming engineering specifications, materials, components, parts and processes.

Maximo Service Provider

Get a suite of applications that Manage customer agreements, service delivery, customer billing and supplier contracts. This add-on helps you manage assets and services for customers, or manage within an enterprise and bill internally for those services.

Maximo Linear Asset Manager

Extend Maximo capabilities so you can use manage linear assets using dynamic segmentation. Track labor, materials, work orders and tools charges by linear measure, and apply user defined relationships to more accurately portray operational connectivity

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