Maximo Data Comparison – MaxCompare

Maximo Data Comparison – MaxCompare

The only tool in market to compare and sync Maximo environments.

MaxCompare solves the most encountered migration issues of Maximo Developers and Administrators… While doing migration of configs from one environment to another, like Development to Test or Test to Production, it is cryptic to ensure that all the configs were migrated, till the time we test and hit an issue, or compare manually.

  • DEV, TEST, PROD environments at different configurations levels?
  • A developer miss a change during migration that was made for a quick fix or client demo
  • User Acceptance Test found extra configurations than needed?
  • Production and UAT out of sync?


  • Compare Configurations of any two environments (e.g. Dev /Test) using an application installed within Maximo. No need to go somewhere else.
  • Very Easy to install and use
  • Compare any objects individually e.g. workflows, data dictionary, integrations, screen xml or compare the entire environments
  • It stores the history of your configs, so that you can refer back the changes in future.
  • Very effective when you are migration code across environments like Dev to Test, or Test to Prod. Don’t miss any config, just because Developers forget to document.
  • Using the predefined compare definitions, it can compare 25 Maximo configurations including
    1. Metadata – Database objects, Relationships, Conditions, GDR
    2. Domains – Alndomains, Crossover domains, Synonym Domains etc
    3. Workflows – nodes, subprocesses
    4. Escalation, Actions, Action Groups
    5. Automation Scripts
    6. Integration Objects
    7. System Properties
    8. Security Groups
  • Compare reports: Difference can be exported as Excel or PDF
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