Maximo Survey

How Surveys help Maximo BAs, PM's, Product Owners & Managers

Some time we need to know the feedback internally externally to assess how satisfy our customers, peers, departments, employees are. Maximo surveys give you the ability to create, send and report, and analyze the current feedback form people around you.

Main features:

Configurable: survey questions and answers are configurable. Configurable sections, weights, orders while building a survey. Checkbox, Dropdown, Radio button or Static or Text form are also configurable on surveys
Maximo Add-on: It is a Maximo application that can dynamically leverage data within Maximo and receive feedback into Maximo. It makes it easier for users to send their feedback, concerns, suggestions, achievements directly accessible to survey creator in Maximo.
Event based Surveys: The survey application has ability to create event-based surveys, for example, sending survey to location contact when a work orders is completed assigned to that location, Asset is down or decommissioned, when a project is completed, after an emergency outage, plant maintenance shutdown, PO completion, PM Optimization etc.
Ad-Hoc Surveys: Survey recipients can be added manually required for ad-hoc survey surveys.
Preview / Schedule Survey: The tool allows you to preview the survey before sending it out and its easy to edit it with no outage required.
Auto Notification Exchange: The url is auto generated and added to the email notifications sent. User only have to click on the url and submit the survey seamlessly using a web page like screen.
Easy Recipient Management: Users don’t have to be part of Maximo system as a user to submit a survey. App can easily send survey to external email addresses.
Reports: The tool comes bundles with BIRT reports like Survey summary report and Survey graph report for more analysis and decision making